Implementing OneStream Solutions

Let AIQOS help you to get the most out of OneStream

OneStream Software offers one integrated platform to simplify and optimize financial processes. By delivering multiple solutions in one application, OneStream offers increased capabilities for financial reporting and analysis. AIQOS is an implementation partner with deep knowledge of ls combined with expertise in local and international accounting standards. Most of our team members have previously worked in control, audit, or finance management roles and, therefore, understand the demands of the changing world of Finance.

AIQOS: Your OneStream Implementation Partner

AIQOS is a trusted implementation partner with extensive expertise in corporate performance management (CPM) and financial consolidation. Our team comprises seasoned professionals with backgrounds in control, audit, and finance management roles, ensuring that we understand the evolving demands of the finance world. With AIQOS by your side, you can leverage our deep knowledge of OneStream software and local/international accounting standards to maximize the benefits of your implementation.

  1. Analyze & Design
  2. Implementation
  3. Test & Train
  4. Deployment & Go Live

Analysis & Design

Implementation Best Practices Project success requires setting a clear vision, having a well-thought-out plan, and solid communication. By aligning the future of our product with your company goals, we can help establish a solid foundation for success.

During the Analysis phase, we understand your organization's needs to be able to move to the planning phase to provide the right tools & solutions to your organization.

Communication is one of the key success factors. We ensure all team members are aligned in the analysis and design phase. Especially the key stakeholder participation is crucial in this phase to align with all members of the project.


After years of experience implementing OneStream in numerous companies across various sectors, we ensure the delivery of tailor-made best practices. During the implementation phase, our effort is reaching all the criteria that we aligned in the design phase. Furthermore, AIQOS also creates applications and innovative solutions with AIQOS Factory builds innovative & scalable solutions for your company's wide benefits as well as business needs.

Quality assurance is the key success factor in any project. While the AIQOS delivery team is implementing solutions, we ensure to have frequent meetings to align with the quality to be able to align with our client's requirements.

Test & Train

During the critical phase of testing and training, AIQOS ensures that the team is fully equipped to leverage the capabilities of OneStream effectively. We conduct rigorous testing to validate the integrity and functionality of the implemented solutions, ensuring they meet your organization's specific requirements. Our comprehensive training programs are tailored to your team's needs, empowering them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate OneStream confidently. With the Global Authorized Training Partner, AIQOS, by your side, your team will be prepared to embrace the power of OneStream, driving efficiency, accuracy, and informed decision-making across your organization.

Deployment & Go Live

In the deployment phase, AIQOS ensures a smooth transition to the OneStream platform, minimizing disruption to your operations. Our experienced team manages every aspect of the deployment process with precision and attention to detail. From data migration to system configuration and integration, we ensure that the transition is seamless and efficient. Throughout the deployment, AIQOS provides comprehensive support and guidance, ensuring that your organization can quickly realize the benefits of OneStream. With AIQOS managing the deployment, you can confidently embrace the future of financial management and unlock new levels of efficiency and insight.

Continuous Support & Managed Services

Our motto is "Less Effort, More Impact" and we ensure our clients unlock the true power of OneStream, with experience spanning financial consolidation, budgeting and forecasting, and management reporting and analytics with our continuous support after the deployment.

Keys to Project Success

  • Defined and Communicated Project Goals – Align the Stakeholders
  • Key Stakeholder Participation and Approval
  • Finance and IT Involvement throughout the Entire Project
  • Clearly Defined, Reviewed, and Approved Application Design
  • Ownership and Accountability for Project Tasks
  • Thorough Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Communication of Company-wide Benefits
  • Proper Administrator and End User Training

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