About us

Why, How & What about AIQOS


We are here to help. To help our clients to reach their goals, and our colleagues to grow.


We believe in pragmatic solutions based on strategic, yet realistic plans. We value a mutually respectful cooperation with our clients and our employees; based on trust, knowledge, and teamwork. In short, we get things done – with you, and for you!


We have all the expertise to help you implement OneStream Software, train (future) users, and support our clients long-term through managed services. We are dedicated to the development, delivery and maintenance of solutions for OneStream’s Solution Exchange. We help our clients to understand the value of Enterprise Performance Management and get the most out of it for their company.  

Our Slogan

Our slogan “Less effort. More impact” summarizes it all; Great at what we do, easy to collaborate with, and fun to be a part of.  

Our Values

We are a group of seasoned consultants with years of EPM domain experience, welcoming the challenge of simplifying complexity and implementing effective solutions in international environments. We agreed on a simple set of core values such as ‘integrity, reliability and diligence’.

Our history

How did we become AIQOS? Why did we choose for an international journey?

AIQOS is the concatenation of the Latin word ‘Aqua’ and OneStream Software, the Intelligent Finance Platform we are 100% committed to. This is our story; we are AIQOS, and our journey has just begun.

1999 – Creation of Finext

Finext is a multi-platform consultancy firm based in The Hague with in-depth knowledge of industries, themes, and technologies. Its philosophy is to create trust, establish links, and amaze our clients to give ample scope to craftsmanship.

2010 – Creation of Sonum International

In 2010 four Finext consultants founded Sonum to conduct projects around the world, 100% focused on advising and implementing Enterprise Performance Management solutions.

2013 – First OneStream implementation

In 2013, the founders of Sonum CPM, delivered the second OneStream implementation in EMEA.

2018 - Foundation of Sonum CPM International

In 2018, we started Sonum CPM International, a division that since the beginning has been 100% committed to OneStream Software. Since then we gained the Diamond Partner and Global Authorized Training Partner status, and grew a global team of over 110 consultants making us one of the most dominant OneStream partners globally.

2020 - Foundation of Chain Denmark

Chain was founded in November 2020. On March 1st, 2021, three of the most experienced OneStream consultants joined Chain and the focus became 100% on OneStream, covering the whole Nordic market. In 2021 Chain merged with Sonum International.

February 2023 – Launch of our new brand name AIQOS

With the start of AIQOS, we commit ourselves 100% to OneStream Software.

April 2023 - AIQOS named as 1 of 3 Global Authorized Training Partners

The GATP program enables AIQOS to deliver official OneStream Training courses for customers and partners. It represents a continued commitment to providing global multilingual customers and partners with access to world-class education.

September 2023 - Launch of AIQOS Americas  

AIQOS made a firm commitment to the US and Canadian markets, by launching a branch in Philadelphia, USA. Matthew Peterson is the founder and director of AIQOS Americas, he has been working with OneStream since 2012; as a lead consultant, he has provided implementations for dozens of organizations and is experienced in building and leading EPM practices.

September 2023 - AIQOS named winner  "OneStream Power of the Platform" award

The Power of the Platform Award recognizes the OneStream partner that has developed the most extensive solutions for clients that leverage the full capability of the OneStream platform. AIQOS won this prestigious award after implementing multiple solutions for the world's largest aircraft leaser, AerCap.

February 2024 - AIQOS launches AIQOS Factory, OneStream Solutions Development

AIQOS announces ‘The AIQOS Factory’ a team dedicated to the development, delivery and maintenance of advanced solutions to be made available to OneStream’s customers through the OneStream Partner Place and Open Place, key components of OneStream’s Solution Exchange.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Involvement is in the DNA of AIQOS; this involvement extends beyond the exercise of our profession. We are convinced that as a team we only thrive and grow by the grace of the society in which we operate. AIQOS is therefore focusing on developing a policy in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a targeted and increasingly intensive manner.

Responsible Business

We are committed to playing a leadership role in driving inclusive and sustainable development in which people and planet prosper.

We contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our own business and we support our clients to do the same through the work of our ESG taskforce. Working collaboratively within our company, within our communities and society, and with our clients we use our knowledge and values to build a better world for all.

We believe that open and transparent stakeholder dialogue and collaboration with others embeds authenticity and integrity within our business and improves our performance.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are values that promote respect, fairness and belonging in any community.

Our commitment

Our vision for AIQOS is to make a meaningful positive impact in our company, within our communities and on society more broadly, and to establish ourselves as one of the market leaders in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Reflecting this, delivering on our commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion is one of the five key strategic priorities of the company, on a par with putting clients at the centre of everything we do and enhancing profitability. We are actively creating an inclusive workplace where each of our people can thrive, by mitigating unconscious bias and actively creating opportunities for and supporting our colleagues. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion makes us a better consultancy company and helps us to deliver the best experience for our clients, attract and retain the best talent, and drive innovation.