June 4, 2024

04-07 June: Getting Started with OneStream + OneStream

Getting Started with OneStream + OneStream Administration

In-Person | Virtual. Address: Binckhorstlaan 36, 2516BE, The Hague, The Netherlands

Getting Started with OneStream is the beginning of OneStream learning for all who are new to OneStream. In this course, learners build a foundation with the basic concepts of a OneStream application.


This course introduces how to:

  • Navigate an application;
  • The common business processes OneStream supports;
  • Concepts of metadata components and dimensions, cubes, and workflows;
  • Concludes with an overview of the powerful reporting options available within OneStream.

Using an existing application, OneStream Administration will help develop administrator competencies for modifying core platform artifacts (such as dimensionality, workflow, data sources, and transformation rules) and troubleshooting skills for a variety of common issues.

The course content has been created assuming that it will be used by a OneStream administrator as a supplemental resource to any design documentation provided by a consultant. Content has avoided, where possible, a Planning or Consolidation focus as these topics will be dealt with in other courses and learning resources.

Class cost for 4 days: € 3,560 | Event Capacity: 12

Any fees incurred for travel or lodging are at your sole expense.

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