February 1, 2024

1 February 2024 - AIQOS launches AIQOS Factory, OneStream Solutions Development

AIQOS today announced the creation of a team 100% dedicated to continuously developing, delivering and maintaining advanced OneStream Software solutions to be made available to OneStream’s Customers through the OneStream Partner Place and Open Place, key components of OneStream’s Solution Exchange.

OneStream Development Partner Program

OneStream recently initiated a new Development Partner Program designed to accelerate the delivery of value-added solutions developed, maintained, and supported by OneStream’s partner community.

AIQOS is among the first OneStream partners to join the OneStream Development Partner Program and the first partner to strategically setup a new legal entity 100% focused on the possibilities the Solution Exchange will bring. AIQOS Factory will be run by Ruben Cammeraat, OneStream Lead Architect and Entrepreneur.

Ruben: "I personally look forward to developing solutions and sharing them with the OneStream Community. I believe the Solution Exchange will be a game-changer for the market, offering apps that are just one click away, eliminating the need to build everything from scratch. To be the first OneStream Partner dedicated to this endeavor makes it even more exciting."

Solution Exchange

The Solution Exchange builds on the success of the OneStream MarketPlace to further enhance the OneStream platform development experience with the addition of partner-built and community-shared solutions. The Solution Exchange consists of three solution portals: MarketPlace, PartnerPlace, and OpenPlace.

“To AIQOS, this is a significant and strategic milestone. For AIQOS it is an obvious and logical choice to become an OneStream Development Partner. It builds further on our position as a Global  Diamond Partner dedicated to OneStream and as an  Authorized Training Partner,” said Roy Piek, Co-Founder of AIQOS. “We have been a trusted OneStream Partner since 2013 and have grown into a dedicated global OneStream partner that focuses on implementation, training and Managed Service Support. That we now start with a fourth pillar under the guidance of Ruben is very exciting and a new chapter in our growth.

More information

If you like to learn more about AIQOS Factory, please send an email to Ruben: ruben.cammeraat@aiqos.io