December 1, 2023

30 November 2023, Enterprise Performance Management Day at PwC Copenhagen, with PwC, OneStream and AIQOS.

On 30 November, AIQOS was in Copenhagen, together with PwC and OneStream Software for the Enterprise Performance Management Day at PwC.

During EPM Day, we talked about the future of Finance and Finance Transformation leveraging OneStream as the intelligent finance platform enabling data-driven decisions and the use of AI.

A man presenting at a conference, engaging the audience with his speech and visual aids.

Empower with Insights

Lars Miguel Paredes and Dejan Bakovic from PwC started the event, telling the audience Why the finance function must transform their Enterprise Performance Management with valuable insight in the current and future developments that organizations need to cope with.

Dave Collins of OneStream, Laila Nørgaard, and Roy Piek of AIQOS shared their insights on how to plan and report faster and with more agility by unifying finance processes and delivering actionable financial signals, forecasts, and analytics across the enterprise.

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Roy Piek, a co-founder of AIQOS, was clear about this: “OneStream is the only CPM platform in the market supporting Finance Transformation within an organization”. AIQOS has now carried out more than 300 projects for more than 100 customers, making us the preferred OneStream Diamond Partner to make your implementation, with all the specific wishes and challenges, a guaranteed success.

 A man presenting at a conference, standing behind a podium with a microphone, audience in the background.

Why Sampension choose OneStream

On behalf of our joint customer Sampension Søren Lastein, Head of Finance, shared his experiences on how they transformed their Enterprise Performance Management which enables confident decision-making to maximize business impact.

A man giving a presentation at a conference.

We would like to thank Lars Miguel Paredes and the PwC team for the great reception at their office and everyone who made this successful event possible.