November 7, 2023

Application Build for Administrators (ABA) | IN PERSON (The Hague) or VIRTUAL

November 7 - 10: Application Build for Administrators (ABA) | IN PERSON (The Hague) or VIRTUAL


Application Build for Administrators (ABA)    

This 4-day, live hands-on course involves building out a simple application starting from scratch. The goal of the course is to create a foundation of knowledge about most of the OneStream features. This is achieved using simple examples that cover a few iterations of the build process.    

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  • First, a very simple application is created, data is loaded, and then consolidated.
  • A second round includes discussions on design practices, additional data input methods, intercompany elimination, and the most common formulas.
  • Once built, a new Entity is added and all application changes are made including data integration, Workflow assignments, and security discussions.
  • Cube Views, charts, and Dashboards are added, and Excel analysis is explored.
  • Finally, administrative functions are covered.
AIQOS and OneStream Application Build for Administrators in The Hague, Netherlands

Course Prerequisite:    

If you are new to OneStream, we strongly recommend you complete “Getting Started With OneStream” before you attend “Application Build for Administrators.” It will provide a thorough foundation of the terms, concepts, and workflows of the platform. Getting Started with OneStream is a free on-demand interactive course located in OneStream Navigator.    

Class costs EUR 3,560.00. Any fees incurred for travel or lodging are at your sole expense.    

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