February 1, 2024

Webinar "Mastering Efficiency: The Transformative Journey of RS Group’s Financial Operations"

Join our customer webinar on 1 February, 15:00-16:00 GTM, with RS Group in partnership with OneStream.

RS Group will share its inspiring story of how they successfully leveraged OneStream to optimize their financial processes and drive significant improvements in consolidation, planning, reporting, and analysis.


Gain insight into RS Group’s motivations for moving to OneStream as well as the subsequent benefits of improved consolidation, planning, reporting and analytics. Hear first-hand how their future plans for Machine Learning and ESG will significantly increase flexibility in forecasting and precision with financial and operational planning.

This webinar will cover:

·      The Need for Change: Understand the challenges faced and the specific needs and why they choose OneStream.

·      The Transformation Journey: Gain insight into the OneStream journey at RS Group and explore how they invested in change management to facilitate the transition.

·      The Redesign: Follow RS Group on its implementation journey of a brand-new way of forecasting and reporting, including the subsequent redesign of the OneStream core structure.

·      Their Results and The Value of OneStream: Delve into the tangible outcomes and the overall value derived from implementing OneStream at RS Group.

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