Financial Signaling

Drive Continuous Performance

Break the month-end reporting cycle by transforming daily and weekly operational signals from multiple data sources into actionable insights to drive performance.

Comprehensive: We utilize OneStream’s capabilities to capture, map and load millions of rows of daily or weekly data from different sources such as ERP, CRM, HCM, or DW without 3rd party tools or data replication by using the Analytic Blend solution. The Analytic Blend solution can be used to maintain one source of truth for all data within the Office of Finance and Lines of Business and to break the month-end performance cycle by taking action mid-stream with insights from daily or weekly data.

Controlled: OneStream employs extensive security and governance across the Office of Finance and Line of Business users within a flexible and unified data model.

Visualise and process the data: Self-service visualizations and dashboards with complete audit trails from summary down to transaction-level details are available on all sources of data. OneStream is capable of drilling into underlying details including GL and sub-ledger transactions.