FP&A, xP&A

eXtended Planning & Analysis (xP&A) Software

Gartner defines eXtended planning and analysis (xP&A) as an evolution of financial planning and analysis (FP&A) that aligns operational planning with an enterprise’s financial performance.

Evolution of FP&A: xP&A refers extended planning and analysis in contrast to financial planning and analysis. This process aligns operational planning with an enterprise’s financial performance.

United, Extensible Platform: At the core of xP&A strategy is the alignment of granular sales plans, demand plans, and workforce plans with financial forecasting and performance. OneStream is able to optimize this process through a unified extensible platform and data model which enables teams with the control and operational relevance and agility an organization requires.

Confidence in data quality: OneStream’s built-in capabilities of checking, confirming, certifying, and locking data ensure complete confidence in data quality.

Built-In Financial Intelligence: OneStream applies financial intelligence on accounts, currency, ownership, and intercompany eliminations to non-financial data. Operational data can be organized using your financial hierarchies for a consistent data model and presentation layer. Signals and insights on daily and weekly working capital, controllable costs, sales pacing and other KPIs can also be created using the OneStream platform.