Reporting & Analysis

Eliminate Data and Decision-Making Silos

Reporting to your needs: We use OneStream’s powerful reporting production to create reports based on each customer’s needs. Customized reports can be built from scratch, and standard column and row templates can be created that can very easily be utilized to create future reports. Any dimension can be analyzed in detail by using the drill-down function in combination with graphs, charts, reports, and grids.

Simplified maintenance: OneStream unifies financial and operational data from across the organization into a governed, flexible solution without copying information between fragmented sources and tools.

Interact with your reports: OneStream’s interactive dashboards empower executives, managers, and business users to dynamically adjust variables, facilitating faster, better-informed decision-making. Crucial financial and operational metrics are unified by amalgamating tables, charts, graphs, and other visualizations. Interactive dashboards can help users gain a swift comprehension of business trends and delve into root causes, tracing back to transactional details when necessary. They can also help transform insights into proactive measures through integrated data entry forms, providing real-time visibility into the consequences of modifications to models, plans, and forecasts.

Excel Compatibility: Microsoft Excel® can be used in conjunction with OneStream. The OneStream add-in for Excel® allows users to retrieve OneStream data and create OneStream reports all within Excel®. Multiple reports can be created within the same Excel® sheet.

Analytic Blend: Using the analytic blend, OneStream offers a distinctive capability to seamlessly integrate validated financial data, operational data, and detailed transactional data within a unified platform, ensuring a comprehensive, controlled, and easily consumable user experience. Users can integrate financial, operational, and transactional data seamlessly within a singular dashboard, facilitating visualization and analysis. Finance is empowered to uphold a singular "governed" source of truth, fostering consistency across line-of-business managers and executives. Data latency and the duplication of financial data for analysis are eliminated, all while preserving the robust security measures, intelligence, workflow, governance, and audit trails inherent in the OneStream platform.

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