September 21, 2023

AIQOS named OneStream’s Power of the Platform Winner at Splash Berlin.


AIQOS named OneStream’s Power of the Platform Winner at Splash Berlin.

 Berlin -Thursday, 21 September 2023 - AIQOS have won the prestigious Power of the Platform Award at OneStream Software’s Annual EMEA User Conference in Berlin. The Power of the Platform Award recognizes the OneStream partner that has developed the most extensive solutions for clients that leverage the full capability of the OneStream platform.

Power of the Platform Award: Celebrating the influential impact and success of a remarkable platform.

AerCap, the world's largest aircraft leaser

AIQOS has implemented multiple solutions for the world's largest aircraft leaser, AerCap. After acquiring their largest competitor, they started a transformation program that impacted every aspect of the business from financial reporting to detailed maintenance forecasting. OneStream is a key tool in their finance transformation journey.

Jason McCreight -MD AIQOS UKI: “We have been on an incredible journey with AerCap to deliver industry-specific finance solutions to further optimize this already highly-efficient and successful business. AIQOS is pleased to be able to support AerCap on that journey and this award is a recognition of our efforts and the tremendous collaboration between our organizations.”

Jörg Koletzki – CIA AerCap: “When we got in touch with them [AIQOS] it was proven very quickly that they didn’t just understand software, they understood finance”.

Ian Sutton - VP of Finance Transformation at AerCap: “This was their [AIQOS] baby, as well as ours”.

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