November 23, 2023

Interview: The vision of Matthew Peterson, OneStream Lead Consultant and founder of AIQOS Americas.

Matthew Peterson has been working with OneStream as a Lead Consultant since 2012. In September, he founded the AIQOS Americas office, a welcome addition to the already widespread global presence of AIQOS. In this interview, Matt shares his vision on OneStream, the increasing global demands for US companies, and why he joined AIQOS.

Matthew Peterson has provided implementations for dozens of organizations and is experienced in building and leading EPM practices. Before that, he worked in the manufacturing industry. “As a consultant, you really get to see the impact and put in a solution that helps clients save time and money,” said Matthew.

Matthew Peterson

Newly founded Americas office

Recently, Matthew founded the AIQOS Americas office. AIQOS is a consultancy firm dedicated to helping clients use OneStream, with services ranging from advice and implementation to training and managed services. Several reasons triggered his decision to join AIQOS. “First of all, the cultural fit. Everyone I talked to at AIQOS has a big focus on working together. Even though this a business, and the bottom line is important, the team atmosphere is equally important,” said Matthew.

A few months in, Matthew stated that his expectations have been met since day one: “We truly work together, and everyone jumps in wherever needed. The focus is on creating the best solutions for our clients.”

Global presence in an increasingly global world

Another reason is the fact that AIQOS has offices around the world. Matthew: “Being able to set this office up here in the Americas gives our clients the benefit of having a global presence.”

The global outlook aligns with Matthew’s vision on the market for Performance Management software in the United States and Canada. “The economy is becoming more and more global. Every large organization is part of a value chain that is part of a global experience. We know that landscape

and have local industry experience, so we understand what’s happening and the impact on the requirements.”

Benefiting from overseas expertise and training facilities.

Knowledge of the different trends across the world is beneficial as well. “Overall, the requirements in the Americas are similar to the rest of the world. All global clients have to deal with local statutory reporting, but trends are emerging at different time frames. ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), or sustainability reporting, is an example. In the US, it is becoming a trend now. But overseas clients have been dealing with this longer, so we can pull in consultants from other regions that have already developed best practices.”

A second benefit of AIQOS’ global presence for US-based or Canadian clients is access to local consultants and training facilities. “We are one of the three global authorized training partners. OneStream awarded us this title due to our global presence and the number of trainers,” explained Matt. “We can provide local training facilities in various languages, such as French, Spanish, German, and Dutch.”

24/7 Managed Services for OneStream

Also, the worldwide offices help provide Managed Services. “We have a 24/7 Managed Services platform that helps people in real-time, as we are present in all time zones. Around-the-clock access is a huge benefit for many of our clients, even if they don’t have local offices around the globe; admin roles at our clients are often carried out by one person, who may need immediate support outside office hours.”

OneStream is a gamechanger

AIQOS focuses solely on OneStream. Matthew: “OneStream has been around for over a decade but still has much room for growth. A game-changer in the CPM (Corporate Performance Management) world, it enables you to put all your financial and non-financial reports in one platform. Clients are seeing the value of the platform and getting one overview of all processes, reports, planning, and insights.”


Do you like to learn how Matt can help your company to maximize business impact?  You can send him an email at, or call him at +1 610 405 5273

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